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Renewable. Sustainable. Carbon neutral. Dual purpose.

Introducing Ultra Clean ECOLENE™

The Ultra Clean ECOLENE™ process utilizes idled, surplus and off-peak electricity to produce and store bio-methanol. This fossil-fuel-free liquid commodity can then be used as transportation fuel or industrial alcohol for industrial and household applications.


Our vision is to help achieve global carbon-neutrality by producing and marketing a greenhouse-gas-neutral fuel alternative thereby reducing/eliminating the need for fossil-fuel-sourced hydrocarbons.

How does Ultra Clean ECOLENE™ process work?

Ultra Clean ECOLENE™ Inc.’s patented technology combines hydrogen and oxygen generated using only off-peak, surplus and low-demand renewable electricity, and methane and carbon dioxide from renewable sources of biomass to produce methanol, trade-named ECOLENE™.

The Ultra Clean ECOLENE™ process is carbon neutral, sustainable and a step toward mitigating global warming.

We are currently developing a demonstration model of the Ultra Clean ECOLENE™ process to produce a small volume of  ECOLENE™.

The ECOLENE™ produced will fuel an internal combustion engine and a fuel cell with an on-board reformer to demonstrate the  universality of ECOLENE™ when used as a carbon-neutral combustion fuel and as a liquid carrier of carbon-neutral hydrogen.

Click on the image below to learn more in our printable brochure.

Ecolene Brochure

What’s the Ultra Clean ECOLENE™ difference?

The Ultra Clean ECOLENE™ process differs from other methanol-synthesis processes because, by combining battery storage with water electrolysis to better balance electricity supply and demand, it provides a flexible use for low-demand renewable- and nuclear-sourced electricity.

About Us

Ultra Clean ECOLENE Inc. is an Ontario-based start-up. The team consists of three founding green-energy researchers, a business  professional and an educator. The founders have extensive experience in energy-related development, gained at the Bruce Energy Centre located adjacent to Bruce Power’s nuclear generating station near Kincardine, Ontario.

Ultra Clean ECOLENE Inc. is a member of the Canadian Biogas Association.


Our mission is to produce and market Ultra Clean ECOLENE as the sustainable bio-methanol fuel/commodity solution created by synthesizing renewable and naturally-occurring elements sourced from water and biomass.

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